West Central FL. Hurricane and Severe Weather Forecast Center
1021 E. Boyer St. Unit C
Tarpon Springs, FL. 34689
(727) 938-4120

Hours of operation during the Hurricane Season:

M-F: Dependent upon my work shcedule
Sat – Sun:  *Closed

The office will be closed on weekends, unless there is an active system pending.  Hours will then be modified as to whether I will be in the monitoring mode, or as to whether or not a forecast and/or updates are warranted.

Hours during the week are in general, and will be modified based on medical appointments, school functions, etc., and may be shortened based on these factors, or extended if numerous updates are required.  (Please note, I am not constantly at my desk during the day, as I have commitments and errands as everyone does).

The actual forecast day begins around 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. with analysis of many numerous forecasting tools.  Once the final synopsis is posted, and I have issued copies to the remainder of my clientele, I will be able to field any questions.

Thank you,



62 Responses to Contact

  1. richard w gibbs says:

    just a heads up if applicable.
    been following you since you commenting days on wunderground.
    you are the best!


  2. Art Hedges says:

    Storm. Stay safe. Many thanks for your service. You are the best when it comes to weather. Take care.

  3. Gary M Spell says:

    Greetings sir, I would like to make a donation to your site and have done so previously for all of the work that you do and produce. I only have my I-phone that I operate on and for some reason I can’t get to the toolbar to make another donation, if you can advise or another means to donate to the site. Thank you for your continued work and information you provide.

  4. Scott B (gunner) says:

    Tom, old shipmate Scott the FT, shoot me an email with contact info at my email adx….lost track of you when you left the “OLD” tropical weather blog, would love to give you a call and catch up!!
    Still in Mississippi, retired 3yrs ago as a LCDR with 32 years active!!

  5. Earl Claunch says:

    Hope all is well on your end as we miss your updates re: ERIKA. Found your site recently and really enjoyed your work on DANNY and your presentation style in general.

    Thank You,

  6. dave says:

    Hope your feeling ok,been 5 days since last post.Take care

  7. kathy says:

    Curious about numbering on storm systems….what does the 96 mean in Invest 96L?

  8. Gary Spell says:

    How do you make a donation, I attempted to click on the red donations needed area

  9. David S says:

    Hey, Storm.
    Great job at keeping things together while life has gotten so rough.

    Your “fan base” really appreciates everything you do, even moreso in light of adversity.

    You are always in our prayers.

    One quick question:
    Is there a set time each day that the site converts back to that blue page with general links on it (not your page, but a default page by your ISP)? It was reverting around 10pm, but yesterday your site dropped off at 6:30pm.

    Being a StormW “junkie”, I was just wondering when I needed to check the site for updates without having to wait until the following day.

    Be well,

    David S.

  10. furetvic says:

    hi storm! i’ve been reading your post i ll go for a paying website too. i am on, storm tell me how do you choose analog years?
    Thanks !

  11. rich says:

    have been following ur daily forecasts for a number of years. have forwarded ur site to many friends around the country. please accept my best wishes of health to you and yours for the awesome “job” you so professionally provide daily…

  12. originallt says:

    Hi Storm, do you know what ever happened to “D”? She kind of dis-appeared. I just hope she is OK.

  13. Becky says:

    Storm W,
    Did you use to post on AOL blog years ago?. Did you also have a link on flhurricane at one time? Do I have the right person? So many arguments back then about all caps!

  14. Elcid says:

    Hey Storm,
    Do you have a good resource for an amature weather geek on MJO octants 101? I can’t seem to find anything but want to get a little more familiar with that since it gets posted often. Is it similar to a global hodograph or something? Also if you make your way over to Jupiter or WPB, look me up and I’ll be a tour guide. Hope things are improving on the personal front lately.


  15. Thankfully you are not hard to find. You and Weather Bell are the only two weather sites I enjoy and have confidence in, keep up the good work and God speed, Storm.

  16. zsuzeb says:

    Hey Storm, attempting to access your donation link on the front page without success. What’s up?

  17. Cathy Guyedan says:

    Thank goodness I found u – I was distressed this year when I could not find u on WU.. You are the best-

  18. CherylN says:

    Hi, Storm:
    You are the best and most informative tropical forecaster there is. I followed you on WU and have been following you here since you opened this site. I tried to use the link on your home page to donate to you and I got an error message about it coming up in a frame. I then went to PayPal directly but I wasn’t sure how to direct the payment to you. In other words, this spirit is willing but the process is weak. Any help would be appreciated.

    • palmharborforecastcenter says:

      It may be your browser…PotrABeachBum had problems…he posted it a couple of messages down on how he fixed it…I’ll have to check when I get time, to see how to send money, well I know how, I just have to find what ID paypal sends it to for my site…and I’ll get back with you…may be sometime tomorrow though.

  19. Doc DuMont says:

    Wow! What a find! I really appreciate your efforts in bringing concise, clear and factual reporting and prognostication. Between this site and, I stay up to date. Looks like Irene could have been much worse, for once people heeded the authorities’ orders.
    Regards from Well Done Dallas (Still in the oven, we were hoping Irene would come this way and maybe bust up this big High which has tormented us so.)
    Get well soon!
    Yours for Better Television,
    — Doc

  20. Jill Horan says:

    When are you going to post an updated forecast?

  21. Please correct that to “ResponseForce1” Thanks!

  22. Storm, I’ve been following you since Katrina. As a first respire, I’ve trusted your comments and opinions, and they’ve served my team well.

    If Irene hits Long Island dead on, any estimates of storm surge potential, based on the time of day / tides? I have family there, so want to be ready.


    Ed Minyard

    • palmharborforecastcenter says:

      I’ll take a look when I can.

      Thanks everyone…I love all of you!

      I will have an update out in about 30-40.

    • palmharborforecastcenter says:

      Eddie…right now, until I see the tides (only goes out to 24 hours prior to hitting L.I. I would say 6-8 ft based on the SLOSH model data I just ran.

  23. Raqndall Kettle says:

    From sunny Houston-by-the-sea – Thanks for keeping it real.

    Too bad I didn’t know your local back when I spent time with my parents in Highland Lakes. I’ve been down Curlew Road and Old Tampa Road more times than I can count.

  24. steelmagnolia 44 says:

    Hi Storm,

    I used to follow your posts on WU. Thank you for maintaining this blog and for keeping us so well informed. Several on WU have been asking for your info. I posted the link yesterday and they deleted my post for “violating community standards”. HA! HA! I was shocked!

    Wishing you the best throughout the remainder of this hurricane season.

  25. owntime says:

    Hi Storm,

    I have been a W/U person since 2007 in the lurker mode. I do not say much and mainly watch the other folks just to learn. I would like to sign up on your site. I used always pay attention to what you had to say because you were about 97% on all of the time about the future forcasts of the weather.

    Please give me details of how to sighn up for your site.

    Thank You in advance.


    • palmharborforecastcenter says:

      Looks like you have…your comments are showing up…what you want to do is go to the subscribe feature and click it.

  26. Penny says:

    I have the same question..wondering if we can be notified by e-mail when a new synopsis is posted. Let me know if this possible and what I need to do for this to happen. Thanks!

    • palmharborforecastcenter says:

      Penny, I believe if you click on subscribe, it may automatically send you an email…if that doesn’t work, then send me your email addy, and I”l include you

  27. Jan says:

    Storm…I can’t believe I found you again!!! I’ve So missed your posts since you left wunderground – I’ve been a lurker there for years. Today someone posted your link…Yay..made my day! As a Miami native and Andrew north eyewall survivor…I am thrilled to have your site as a shortcut on my IPad! Thanks for keeping us so well informed!!

  28. jimswope says:

    Storm, I recently suggested to editor Sunde Farquhar that she do a story on you. I see they published it today: . Hopefully, this will bring you many new followers!

    Jim Swope
    Palm Harbor

  29. Hi “Storm”!
    It was nice meeting you and your son. Thank you for allowing me to chat with you and take photos for the article profiling you and the Palm Harbor Forecast Center. The article is running today. A link is below.

    Sunde Farquhar
    Editor, Palm Harbor Patch

  30. Steve says:

    Greetings Storm..
    Glad I found your blog.. followed you via WeatherUnderGround.. What is the best method to ask you questions about your storm posts?
    USAF – Retired
    PAFB Fla

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