StormW’s Toolbox

Here are a few of the links I use in forecasting, for your use.  If a link is not working, please let me know.


ADDS- Winds Temps

“A Hurricane Preparedness Guide”

Against The Wind (Protecting Your Home From Hurricane Wind Damage)

An All-season Real-time Multivariate MJO Index

Atlantic and Carribean Tropical Satellite Imagery

Atlantic Tropical Storm Tracking by Year

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center

Automated Tropical Clyclone Forecasting System

Bahamas Weather Underground


CIMSS Tropical Cyclones

Climate Prediction Center -Cyclone Monitoring

Climate Prediction Center – Monitoring & Data Current Monthly Atmospheric and Sea Surface Temperatures Index Values

Climate Prediction Center – Monitoring & Data ENSO Impacts on the U.S. – Previous Events

Climate Prediction Center – Outlooks CFS Forecast of Seasonal Climate Anomalies

Climate Prediction Center – Upper Air Tools

Climate Prediction Center Teleconnections – Archive of Daily Indices


College of DuPage Next Generation Weather Lab

Computer Snowfall Output

CPC – Climate Weather Linkage Madden – Julian Oscillation

CPC Africa Rainfall Estimates

CPC Monitoring and Data – Monitoring Intraseasonal Oscillations

Crown Weather – Your One-Stop Weather Information Source – US Weather, Tropical Weather, and More!

CRWS Jet Stream Map Menu

Current NWS MOS Forecast Products

Current Operational SST Anomaly Charts for the Year 2008 – Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution

Cyclone phase evolution Analyses & Forecasts

Day 1-3 QPF Forecasts for the Caribbean

Doppler Radar National Mosaic – NOAA’s National Weather Service

Download Climate Timeseries AMM

Dundee Satellite Receiving Station

El Niño Theme Page distributed information on El Niño

ENSO Wrap-Up

EOL PREDICT FIELD CATALOG – Operational Products 20100726

ESRL PSD PSD Map Room Current Weather Plots

EUMETSAT – Image Gallery – Real-Time Imagery


Experimental forecast Tropical Cyclone Genesis Potential Fields

Forecast Model Animations

Frontier Research Center for Global Change

Geostationary Image Browser — SSEC



Global HYCOM 1-12 degree page

GOES Activities — CIMSS-SSEC

GOES East Imagery – Satellite Services Division

Graphical HLS

HOME – Earth Scan Laboratory, LSU

Home- Portlight

HPC North American Surface Analyses

Hurricane & Tropical Spaghetti Plots-SFWMD

Hurricane Hunters Association

Hurricane Sectors

Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC) Home Page

ImpactWeather’s TropicsWatch Blog

Intellicast – Atlantic Analysis in United States

Interactive GOES-12 (East) Infrared Weather Satellite Image Viewer

Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers from NASA Earth Science Office

Layer Mean Wind – West Atlantic – Steering Layer 700-850mb – Latest Available

Long Paddock – Seasonal Climate Outlook Southern Oscillation Index SOI Graph

Looping SST Departure – Washington EDU

Madden Julian Oscillation

Madden Julian Oscillation 2

Medium Range Forecasts for Africa

Met Office U.K.

Model Analyses and Forecasts – All

MODIS Rapid Response System – Subsets

Montgomery Research Group – Marsupial Paradigm

MSG Wind Shear- East Atlantic


National Data – NOAA’s National Weather Service

National Data Buoy Center

National Hurricane Center – Tropical Prediction Center

NexSat, NRL-NPOESS Next-Generation Weather Satellite Demonstration Project

NOAA ARL’s Real-time Environmental Applications and Display System-READY

NOAA CoastWatch Product Search

North America – Forecast Model Animations – GFS|NAM|RUC|GFS LongRange

NOWCOAST GIS Mapping Portal to Real-Time Environmental Observations and NOAA Forecasts

NRL Division 7300 – Oceanography

NRL Monterey Global Imagery

NRL Monterey Weather Satellite Products, Images & Movies

NRL Tropics Page, Weather Satellite images

NWS Observing Services Division

Oceanweather Inc Current Marine Data

Oklahoma Weather Lab Hoot – Upper Air Soundings INTERNATIONAL Current Sounding

Probability of a Tropical Cyclone (2)

Quasi-biweekly oscillations of the west African Monsoon

RAMMB RAMSDIS Online – Main Page

RAMMB Tropical RAMSDIS Online

Realtime Satellite Images from GOES (FPDT-NOAA-NESDIS)

Real-Time Tropical Cyclone Products – Currently Active Tropical Cyclones

Remotely Sensed Ocean Surface Winds

Reynolds SST Analysis

RTG_SST Analysis

Saharan Air Layer Analysis, Satellite Weather Europe. Watch the Clouds and Sun over Europe

Seasonal Prediction Experiments

Severe Weather Indices Explained

Storm Prediction Center Forecast Tools

Storm Prediction Center

The Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) Data Products

The Tropical Meteorology Project [FORECASTS]

The Weather Prediction

Tropical Atlantic Reconnaissance Decoder

Tropical Cyclone Formation Probability Home Page – Satellite Services Division

Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential Page Global Fields

Tropical Group TC Model Generation Page Weather Data & Model Forecasts

U.S. Weather Watchers

Unisys Sea Surface Temperature Plot

Unisys Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Plot

Unisys Weather

Sub-Saharan Soil Moisture

Upper Ocean Dynamics

WAVCIS, Coastal Studies Institue, LSU

Weather & Climate Data

Weather and Wave Forecast for Greece, Europe – Mediterranean Sea

WindSat Home Page


Weather World 2010 (WW2010) Educational


4 Responses to StormW’s Toolbox

  1. Bruce says:

    Hello Chief ! Capt Bruce of Sea Tow FMY (ret) I would like to send you an email but I don’t expect you to publish your home email info. Could you send to me at an email address where i can write you and I will respond with my info and request. Its been a long time since Sta FMB ! I really appreciate you continuing to include us with this valuable information . Bruce

  2. Hank says:

    Hey storm could u please send me a link to the tropical formation percentage page u displayed in this synopsis thansk so much,,, hank

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