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  1. Alfie says:

    What is the URL for your website, please?

  2. Roland Cranford says:

    Subscribe please

  3. Jean says:

    Subscribe please

  4. D. G. Gomez says:

    Thanks !
    Very informative

  5. Doc says:

    Love this site!!! Hoping this is the proper place to subscribe

  6. Erich Vokes says:

    Awesome site

  7. DEBI DAntoni says:

    Good morning,, Hope Everyone is alright

  8. DEBI DAntoni says:

    I thought I wDeas already subscribed

  9. DEBI DAntoni says:

    Thank you

  10. Hi Stormw , how si every thing every season in special but this one will be remmebered right? From now storm what can we expect ? i mean for us down there ,with the weakening odf the african wave train,le capricious MJO (looks like an el nino season) . wIll the activity in the eastern pacific shift west ? I know it is never finished until mother nature said so, but do you think there is a high probability of tropical cyclone affecting the central or eastern caribbean?

  11. furetvic says:

    Great storm thanks !

  12. furetvic says:

    Hello Stormw! It has been a long time sorry but I had a lot of family matters to resolve, that is why i did not do the interview with you? i do not know if you’ ll still be available would like to post to you 4 or five questions regarding the rest of the hurricane season and things that i noticed regarding Haiti and hurricane strike and have your thoughts about it.i ll post them to you and i ll publish them on my website the most important thing we ll be to have the opinion from a specialist like you once a storm gets into the eastern Caribbean and pose a threat to my country, this we’ll do by facetime or Skype and will be for TV purposes. Thanks stormw

    • No problem…I know all about family matters…seems like it never ends for me. Sure, however you want to do it.

      • furetvic says:

        OK storm thanks! i wiil have the question before month’s end,by the way storm if i use this website could you show me or hightlight how i can track tropical wave over africa? just show mw what link to use vorticity wind fied? and choose one than highlight a wave for me please.thanks

      • furetvic says:

        Good morning Stormw ! hope you are feeling good today,there you go,hope you can provide me with some nice graphic for my audience .if you do not have enough time i ll find some ,know you ‘ve got a lot of work.

        1- How is the rest of the season shaping up? Are we headed for a classic type Cape Verde season?

        2- Is there a relationship between the strength of the Southeastern Asian monsoon and the hurricane season in the Atlantic? Is the IOD a reasonable player?

        3- We’ve seen Chantal struggling with dry air, and surface divergence associated with the fast trade wind in the eastern Caribbean like many storms in the last few years, are we in for the same scenario this year? Will the Açores high weaken and allow the MDR to warm some more?

        4- When or if the NAO return to the negative phase do you think the risk for the caribbean will increased or decreased ?

        5- I’ve done some researchs on major hurricane landfall in Haiti and found that during the combination of negative phase of the PDO and positive phase of the AMO, like in the mid 50 to the late sixties my country was it by six hurricanes ( cat 2 or higher), but since then we had some pretty close encounter(Allen 1980, Gilbert 1988, Ivan 2004) but when the PDO turned negative in 2007, we had tracks that look very similar like to that period loke Ernesto 2007, Gustave 2008, Thomas 2010, Isaac and sandy 2012, no major landfall.. yet, your thought about this is it pure coincidence or ….?

        6- finally when we’ll the real thing kicks off ?

        Track of cat 2 storms that made landfall in Haiti or got real close in the 50’s or 60’s

        Track of cat 2 storms that made landfall in Haiti or got real close in the 50’s or 60’s

        Tracks since 2007 which look smilar to the 50s and 60s but no major hurricane yet

        My website
        facebook page

        Hope to you’ll like my page loll .

        Thanks a lot for your time stormw take god care !

        • 1.) Hard to say if we see a “classic” Cape Verde season right now, however it should be somewhat more enhanced.

          2.) I haven’t actually researched the SERN Asia Monsoon as to whether or not it plays any correlation to the Atlantic Hurricane Season. I will however take a gander at that. The IOD is or should be this season…it goes hand in hand with question number 1. It is to my understanding through my research, that a negative IOD doesn’t disrupt the West African Monsoon Circulation. So waves should have a better tendency to develop during the Cape Verde Season. Bear in mind however, the West African Monsoon circulation is as Quasi Bi-weekly Monsoon flow…it isn’t in place every day. So basically, it waxes and wanes every two weeks.

          3.) It’s a little hard to say on the Azores high…as a rule of thumb, it generally weakens enough. I constantly monitor the NAO forecast, which tells me if it may weaken or not. The NAO has been trying to trend negative, but it’s about a 50-50 deal right now. In fact, even if the NAO is slightly positive, we should see conditions improve.

          4.) If the NAO goes negative, it won’t really matter as far as the Caribbean, initial development wise, because by the end of this month, we begin to look toward Africa. Not to say however, it would be more favorable if a storm entered the Caribbean, as far as strengthening, should all other conditions be favorable.

          5.) I really don’t think it’s coincidence. When we first stated 2013, the PDO was in a good negative phase. It has now warmed to an almost full blown positive phase. So, in some way, this would have to have an effect somewhat on steering patterns, because if you add more heat energy to the atmosphere, from the surface, upward, it will have some affects on the atmospheric circulation.

          6.) We should start to see an increase around Aug 01. However, it’s usually from the second ten days in Aug., through Sept. when we get going pretty much non stop. This could be a back weighted season too, meaning Oct. could produce it’s fair share.

  13. rochellevic says:

    hi storm how are you doing?could you provide me with a link to statistical and dynamical model?.

  14. downdraft says:

    hi stormw how its been going ?been watching you on the barometer bob show good analysis.what is your first tools to analyses( to assess storm strenght predict future track) storms when they are far out in the atlantic, knowing that recon coverage is limited amd buoys are sparse

  15. Roger Brown says:

    Hi Storm, I would like to sign up for your e-mails. I am a CoCoRaHS Volunteer on the south east coast of North Carolina at Wilmington, also for about 35 years I have been tracking Hurricanes on my computor. I am able to get the views of the hurricane from the satalite as they form off of the African coast.

    • palmharborforecastcenter says:

      Roger..ok. I believe if you click on subscribe, it automatically sends an email…if that doesn’t work, then shoot me an email at and I’ll put you in my address book…I also paste these on FB and TWITTER.

      Thanks, all of you!!! I am doing another update…just taking forever as we have a full plate.

  16. downdraft says:


    • palmharborforecastcenter says:

      Well, TCHP is’n really needed to sustain one…but for RI, and to sustain a Major, you want at least TCHP of 80 kJ/cm2

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