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(T. F. “Storm” Walsh III)

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To my “Weather Family”.

I have not been on the past few days, as I had just gotten out of the hospital on Fri. evening.  Went to urgent care on Wed. afternoon, and the sent me to the ER.  Initial exam was thought to be my Gallbladder.  After an ultrasound and 2 different scans on Thur, the one Dr. ruled out my gallbladder.  On Fri., the Gastro Dr. did an endoscopy, and determined I have started with very tiny ulcers in my stomach.  I have to call this coming week for follow up appointments with both my primary care, and the gastro. Dr.  I will return to forecasting as soon as I am able.

Thank you all,



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I am a Tropical Forecast meteorologist, providing hurricane forecasts during the Atlantic Hurricane Season. I retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in July of 2001. Meteorology became my passion in high school, and I have continued my educational background in meteorology since 1996, when I undertook the study of Tropical Meteorology. While working toward my degree, I had to unexpectedly withdraw from college due to my oldest sons medical reasons. I do however, meet the educational criteria of the AMS to be recognized as a meteorologist. Studies include, but are not limited to the Navy Aerographers Mate course, Naval METOC meteorology course, Meteorology 2010 Sophomore level course while attending St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, FL., Basic Forecasting course for operational meteorologists from Rapid WX, meteorology institute, a four month meteorological internship, and extensive research on numerous meteorological topics such as the MJO, NAO, satellite imagery interpretation, etc. I have been forecasting Tropical Weather (Tropical Storms and Hurricanes) since 1996, with my main client being three different Coast Guard Commands.
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18 Responses to

  1. tomn804 says:

    I hope your problems turn out to be minor……get well soon! Tom

  2. dellamom says:

    Sorry for the late post, Storm. Ulcers are nothing to play with and I am glad they found them when they were tiny. If you apply the same thoroughness to your health as you do to your forecasting, you will have this beat in no time. You have provided us with the tools we need to get the information we require in your absence, so you are helping us even when you are not posting. Prayers your way, my friend.

  3. Thank all of you for your prayers and well wishes. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Been researching some home remedies to heal this. Found some good stuff such as cabbage and carrot juice (homemade), bananas, coconut and coconut milk, etc. Gonna give it a whirl.

  4. richard w gibbs says:

    get well, soon, my weather guru!

  5. Prosper7424 says:

    I am praying for you Storm, God Bless You!

  6. saralynfla says:

    I am praying for you Storm, God Bless You

  7. Ramiro Menendez says:

    Mr Storm hope you can recover soon and please fallow Drs. orders

  8. Mac says:

    Storm, will be praying for you. Get well soon.

  9. Roger says:

    Storm, take your time and get well. As many of us have learned, your celestial team may be providing you an opportunity to have a little quiet time to meditate or maybe “reset” a few things. We’ll be praying for your health and your loved ones. Best!

  10. Linda Marie Simpson says:

    Storm, do not worry about posting weather as much as we appreciate you…🙏❤️✝️would rather you kick back and relax until you get a diagnoses. Your well being is for more important…I have been through the gall bladder pain etc. we can Alert to a certain degree not to compare with your knowledge but get by…you have taught us so much…we will manage….in the mean time we will be praying for the Drs. To find the problem and get you well. Very sorry to hear had no idea figured you was working…
    We will give it to God in prayer….
    Hang in there..l.know we are here for you as you are for us…💔 to hear. You give so much…
    Wish I was closer and could be of service to you.
    Keep us posted…
    Linda Marie Simpson
    Hurricane Talk 2017

  11. Patty says:

    Hope you will be feeling better soon. Prayers for ya😊

  12. Monty says:

    Ditto on Gatormom as well. Please take care of yourself my friend. We can wait.

  13. Jerilyn (jerrob) says:

    I ditto what Gatormom says. Take care of yourself first. Prayers for quick healing

  14. Gatormom says:

    Praying for your health to be restored. It is more important for you to take care of yourself before others. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  15. Theresa says:

    Will pray for you!

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