JULY 19, 2013…10:40 P.M. EDT

Good evening everyone!

Well, another long day.  Ran into a bit of trouble doing the brakes today, but got it fixed…however fairly late.  I will however, promise, I will do an update in the a.m.  This will allow me to reassess some model runs that have been waxing and waning with tropical development, and to analyze some different parameters for favorability for the season.
Have a great evening,



About palmharborforecastcenter

I am a Tropical Forecast meteorologist, providing hurricane forecasts during the Atlantic Hurricane Season. I retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in July of 2001. Meteorology became my passion in high school, and I have continued my educational background in meteorology since 1996, when I undertook the study of Tropical Meteorology. While working toward my degree, I had to unexpectedly withdraw from college due to my oldest sons medical reasons. I do however, meet the educational criteria of the AMS to be recognized as a meteorologist. Studies include, but are not limited to the Navy Aerographers Mate course, Naval METOC meteorology course, Meteorology 2010 Sophomore level course while attending St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, FL., Basic Forecasting course for operational meteorologists from Rapid WX, meteorology institute, a four month meteorological internship, and extensive research on numerous meteorological topics such as the MJO, NAO, satellite imagery interpretation, etc. I have been forecasting Tropical Weather (Tropical Storms and Hurricanes) since 1996, with my main client being three different Coast Guard Commands.
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3 Responses to JULY 19, 2013…10:40 P.M. EDT

  1. originallt says:

    Storm, take your time, you will be really busy soon enough!

  2. TexasHurricane says:

    No problem Storm. Nothing much happening right now anyways. I’m sure you will be busy with it soon enough.

  3. Monty says:

    Thanks Storm…you’re always on it Senior Chief!!

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